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We look to enhance corporate productivity using innovative approach via Info Tech and Social Events.
ICT services: web and mobile app design and hosting, call center tech, social media engineering, animation, Caller Ring Back tune, Web based voting platform, USSD voting platform
Entertainment: Events, music and video production, promotion, distribution and monetization.
Initiatives: Radio Talent Contest, Data Reward Nigeria, Data Reward Video coin, Ace Creative Contest.


Hykon Ace enhances corporate productivity through innovative social strategies and engagement. This includes visuals, audio, events. The Nigerian entertainment industry is growing in an amazing rate and so we are not scared to take some bold steps investing in Movie production, Music Production, promotion, digital distribution, and event planning.

We are currently giving actors and actresses the golden opportunity to work with us on our movie project to earn a decent living and at the same time become a celebrity. We understand that fame is maintained by money, so therefore the Hykon Ace team has put in effort to create an entertainment platform that will serve as a means of livelihood for many people home and abroad.

So what are you waiting for to become the next big celebrity from the block? Do you think you have the finness, style, creativity? and you are looking for a way to showcase your talent to the world, search no more and join us.


Hykon Ace involves in developing innovative technology using web applications to bring to live, ideas in the hands of our clients and target audience. We understand that information technology must have a seat in every profession to stand out from the local norm.

Ngeria been a blessed nation with over 180 million citizens currently living it, we makes it a point of duty to make sure we reach more clients on a daily basis and help solve their needs. These has inspired us to develop premium web based tools to enable us serve our clients better in helping them reach their peak and target customers.

Do you have need for Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, Interactive voice response (IVR), Video or audio monetization, caller ring back tune, web design and hosting service? Hykon Ace is the provider of Data Reward Nigeria with a mission to reward internet users in Nigeria with free airtime and also help brands reach their peak and target audience.


This department is made up of advertising and marketing savvy individuals who understands what it takes to take brands and services to the next level .Real brands and companies understand that the value of promotions and advertising cannot be over emphasized.

In recent years, brands have continued in the habit of promotion to reach more people. Millions of dollars are being invested by big brands due to the importance of advertising. No matter the budget that you have, do not be shy to take the bold step in telling the world more about your brand and services.

The good news is that we are not just after big brands but also small scale businesses who are looking to exit the "rat race". We have working promotional strategies that suites your brand and firm. Are you willing to leave your comfort zone to harvest new prospects?



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    We plan and host events.

    Hykon Ace Event department involves in event management, with creatives minds in strategic event planning. Corporate bodies also benefit from our events by showcasing their brands and services as well, we also creating more jobs by recruiting crew members. We also help you plan your events, wedding

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    Sell your video and audio contents.

    Hykon Ace digital distribution department involves in digital monetization which includes audio and video monetization, with creatives minds in digital distribution. Corporate bodies also benefit from our audio ad services (jingle) as well as also helping unsigned artist distribute and monetize their songs online on popular online stores like itunes, spotify etc, in a well organized web page. Also we set up caller ring back tunes.

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    In Partnership with Glazze TV

    Hykon Ace Visual department involves in movie productions, with creatives minds in motion picture. Corporate bodies also benefit from our visual ad services as well as also creating more jobs by recruiting and establishing young and promising Actors and Actresses. We are currently auditioning and recruiting actors and actresses. Our new partnership with Glazze Movie Academy to train new actors and actresses for movie production.

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    Reach out to prospective clients.

    Hykon Ace promotion department involves in brand promotions, with creatives minds in marketing and advertising. Corporate bodies also benefit from our strategic ad services as well as also creating more jobs by recruiting promoters.

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    Get a secured, affordable website.

    Hykon Ace is fully engaged in providing web design and application hosting services to clients in order to help them reach more audience who are potential clients. We use the latest technology in web design in bringing to live ideas

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    Rewarding internet users.

    Hykon Ace developed Data Reward Nigeria initiative to reward our subscribers as well as internet users by serving premium post of our clients. We developed the D Reward blog to keep our subscribers updated as well as an advertising platform


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